Manufacturing Facilities

Quality control:

We have a Department of Quality Control (CQ) modern and well-received, which guarantees that our products are purses, servers and efficacies and that we do not want to use an analysis of certain specifications, metrics and specific instructions. . UE, cGMP, OMS, etc. The Department of QC and Microbiology of Novo Healthcare and Pharma ltd is receiving all its equipments and instruments today, including HPLC, GC, FTIR, USP, BP, EP, etc. SOP, STP, ACS are available for all laboratory activities.

Number of young analysts and specialized scientific experiments in the repertoire of universities. The quality control service (QC) function 24 hours on 24. 


The premium analysis of advanced materials, finishing courses, finishing products and the environment have been implemented in accordance with ISO 9001: 2015 and BPF approaches. Respond to exigencies from our clients.

The stock of échantillons à temperature and humidity controls is available for product stability tests. The department is equipped with two GCs and four HPLC units that have a unique chromatography, FTIR, UV and KF and the usual techniques. To support the management of dachshunds, there is an agreement to analyze the demand for chemical and oxygen (DCO) and the demand for biological oxygen (DBO).

Production Facility

State-Of-The-Art Infrastructure Cutting Edge Processes

The manufacturing site of Novo Healthcare and Pharma Ltd. is located heart of the capital city, Dhaka, which houses facilities for manufacturing tablets, capsules, liquids, creams, ointments etc. The site has its own utility infrastructure to ensure adequate generation and distribution of electricity, besides having water purifying and liquid nitrogen generation facilities. 

Tablets & Capsules

Our state-of-the-art Oral Solid Dosage facility has been audited and approved by the DGDA. This facility incorporates modern technological advancements with automated material handling systems and multilevel designs to enable gravity feed between processing stages. The building design has also allowed maximum engineering maintenance access without entering into the production areas. This facility, consisting of four lines with an installed annual capacity to produce 2.5 billion tablets & 1 billion capsules on a single shift. It provides larger capacity and a stronger platform to manufacture value added generics for highly regulated markets, and also offering the company as an attractive contract manufacturing partner.

Cream, Gel and Ointments

Novo Healthcare and Pharma Ltd. have a broad range of liquid formulations like syrups, Dry powder for suspension (DPS) and Microcapsule for Suspension (MCFS). At present the capacity of liquid dosage facility is 20 million units per annum and DPS, MCFS is 15 million units per annum and the Company has taken up expansion program along with further up gradation of the existing unit to meet the growing demand. 

Cream, Gel and Ointments

Novo Healthcare and Pharma Ltd. have a broad range of semisolid formulations like creams, Gel and ointments. At present the capacity of creams, Gel and ointments is 2 million units per annum.

Research & Development 

The Department of Product Development of Novo Healthcare et Pharma Ltd. At the same time all the equipments and machine equipments are GMP standard pharmaceutical technology, and the compressor is secure, lit fluidis, the compression compression, the revival process and the stabilization chamber. An object of creation of unique opportunities.

Start with the customer – find out what they want and give it to them.

Notre enterprise has created a unique laboratory laboratory for the development of the product, the instrument of liquefied chromatographic haute performance (HPLC), the tester of solution and the tester of durette numerical. The objective of this department is to develop a new medical conform to USP-NF, EP etc) which will support the clients with advanced medical and quality abortions. Not only does the development of products continue to differ on the various forms of formulation that are soluble (by exempt, compliant â mâcher, é libidation immortal, effervescent, à liberty prolongée and à libardation retardés). for suspension) and formulated liquids (by exempt, syrup, suspension and solution) of various segments of therapeutic suits to improve the quality of definition by ISO and respect the strict guidelines of the CGMP directives.

                Activities sont données ci-dessous-
1. Medical pre-formulation of new medical products.
2. Development and assimilation of the formulation from the quality of conception (QbD).
3. Fabrication in laboratories / lottery and normalization of the procured fiqh.
4. Analytical Method: The application of validation and validation conformity to the direct ICH.
5. Study on the stability of the ICIC directorate lines and the protection of conservation.
6. Development and assimilation of compounds of assembly.

Quality management system

The quality management system of Novo Healthcare and Pharma Limited is established in a cadre to declare its operations on various documents and practices based on the principles of direct PICS and LOMS.

Quality Assurance:

The responsiveness to these aspects of quality assurance is included in the quality manual. Quality assurance includes controlling the quality, respecting the quality and monitoring the quality.

Confirm the quality:

The quality is responsible for IPC coordination, BPF coordination, performance verification routine of BPF and formation. The surveillance aggregation of the verification instances of the release of the lot, the visuals of the nettoyage of the lieu of travel, the digestion of the legion, the control of the performance of the balance and other equipments.

Test instructions:

 The test instructions provide instructions for libido tests and auxiliary tests.

Procedure for controlling modifications:

The quality of the unit has always agreed responses to the procurement control of the modifications, the documentation, the previews and the assistance and the maintenance continues for the modifications in the air.

Air conditioning system:

Request the climatization of locaux and production processes. This is how you know the international norms.

Site director validation plan:

Describe the strategy of qualification and validation of the qualification of the equipment, the validation of the process, the


 Besois in formation are determined by the director of the department

Medical Policy:

A medical policy (santé) exists for employers.