Company Profile

NOVO Healthcare and Pharma Ltd. started its journey with a view to offer healthcare services. NOVO is run by a professional group of people with a vision to work with new technology of ever developing life sciences and an attempt to produce high quality pharmaceutical products with an affordable price. 

NOVO is the acronym of N -Novelty, O- Originality, V –Vision, and O –Optimism and with the company’s slogan Integrity & Innovation.

NOVO Pharmaceuticals has heralded a new era in the Bangladesh Pharmaceutical sector with its ever-evolving portfolio of powerful and precision-tuned pharmaceutical products that help people healthier lives and live longer. Along with very acceptable dosage forms like Tablet, Capsule, Liquid, Cream & Ointment (LCO) & Powder for Suspension (PFS), we are providing a Best-in-Class, State-of-the-Art manufacturing facility for High-tech bulk drugs (RTF Pellets), which is rated as a pioneer of its kind in the entire subcontinent. All life-saving antibiotics are predominant in NOVO’s product line.

Since its inception, NOVO has dedicated its resources, talents and expertise in manufacturing quality medicines with the distinct presentation. Our concern for quality is reflected in every aspect of product- from raw materials to packaging materials. With the motto and assurance of quality products, Quality control laboratories & production plant of NOVO are well equipped & organized with modern sophisticated technologies. We are continuously upgraded and standardized to meet the highest level of international standards. All manufacturing areas of our facility strictly follow cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) as directed by World Health Organization (WHO, Geneva). In the analytical and the micro biological laboratories; young, energetic and skilled professionals are working with a great sense of responsibility to ensure quality of our product.

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